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Join our team of skilled trainers for a 5-day/6-night deepening journey into your inner guidance.  Offered for more than 40 years, Guidelines® is the second consciousness exploration course designed by Robert Monroe.  In this unique program, you will discover how to go within, deepen your intuitive channels, and access your inner guidance.

Guidelines builds upon skills acquired during the Gateway Voyage program, further exploring Focus Level 15 (“No Time”) and Focus Level 21 (“The Bridge”), the state between the physical and non-physical.  During this powerful program, you will be guided into the state where out-of-body experiences can occur.  During this deeply meditative journey, experience our audio guidance technology fused with phasing signals derived from brain mapping.  Special Hemi-Sync® sound frequencies will support you in expanding your consciousness beyond your physical body and establishing communication with your inner guidance.


Deepen Your Intuitive Channels.  Access Your Inner Guidance.

Explore guidance on many levels.

  • Cultivate a lasting trusted relationship with your “Inner Self Helper”
  • Receive guidance from your “Higher Self”
  • Learn how to set clear intentions
  • Send healing energy to yourself and others
  • Strengthen your manifestation skills
  • Connect with other entities/forms of energy

Unique to the Guidelines Program is a complimentary, customized Personal Resource Exploration Program (PREP) session guided by an expert trainer. The PREP session is a powerful consciousness experience conducted in a special chamber to help you lose all sense of the boundaries of your physical body.  PREP sessions have been used for the last 40 years to achieve and explore profound states of awareness.


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